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Haz-Elec Industries – Electrical Services

Haz-Elec are Queensland’s Hazardous Area electrical experts but our skilled team of electricians provide a full range of electrical services from Townsville to Cairns.  As our name suggests, this is how our business began, providing specialist electrical services to businesses located in or operating in hazardous areas, specifically the fuel and gas industries.

Due to client demand, our electrical services have since expanded to include mainstream activities such as mechanical, air conditioning and refrigeration works and our electrical services support these. Today we service a range of clients across the country, covering everything from the fuel and gas industry, to industrial, mining and commercial. A quick summary of services is provided below.

Electrical Services: Fuel Industry – Depots and Fuel Storage + Airport Fuel Requirements + Service Stations+

Haz-Elec provides extensive electrical contracting services catering to the very specific needs of the fuel industry, including installation, maintenance and repair of:

  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Bowsers, Pumps and Valves
  • Tank / Process Metering and Monitoring systems, including Enraf Gauging
  • Overfill Protection Systems for tanks and delivery of fuel to trucks and tankers
  • Pumping Systems for transfer of fuels e.g ship to shore, tank to trunk and piplines
  • Airport Hydrant Refueling Systems
  • Airport Fuel Storage Systems / Tanks
  • Airport Fuel Delivery Trucks (maintenance)
  • General Service Stations

Haz-Elec can also provide Detailed Hazardous Area Inspections and update, review and/or create customised Hazardous Area Dossiers for your business.

Electrical Services: Gas Industry – Gas Depots and Storage+

Haz-Elec has the specific expertise, qualifications and personnel to deliver a range of professional electrical services to the gas industry, including but not limited to:

  • Installation and maintenance of new Gas Storage Tanks
  • Maintenance of Tank Metering and Monitoring Systems, including Enraf Gauging
  • Product Transfer and Metering systems
  • Repair and maintenance of existing Tank Storage systems and automated equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of remote Gas Storage and Delivery Systems within Industrial Sites
  • Audit services to verify compliance, correct site plans and documentation

Haz-Elec can also provide Detailed Hazardous Area Inspections and update, review and/or create customised Hazardous Area Dossiers for your business.

Electrical Services: Industrial and Mining+

Haz-Elec has the personnel, experience and relevant mine site inductions and competencies to provide the following electrical services to the industrial and mining industries, from the city to remote locations:

  • Electrical installation for all sites, including process and PLC control
  • Onsite upgrades to automated process, manufacture and supply systems
  • Electrical repair and maintenance for plant including Quarries, Concrete Plants and Brick Factories
  • Installation and maintenance of specialised Product Delivery Systems to meet specific needs
  • Scheduled maintenance of Industrial Plant and associated equipment
  • Installation and calibration of Process Systems, sensors and transducers, additive injection etc
  • Thermal Imaging and Thermal Reporting
  • Emergency lighting installation and maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair
  • Electrical drawing updates and surveys

Electrical Services: Hazardous Area Trained Electricians+

Haz-Elec has an extensive team of professional Hazardous Area Trained Electricians offering more than 50 years of combined experience, in this highly technical field. Training and experience enables this team to install and maintain electrical equipment across a range of hazardous areas. Specific skills and abilities include:

  • Hazardous Area classification
  • Wide range of explosion-protection techniques
  • Equipment selection, installation, commissioning and inspection requirements
  • Service and inspection of ex equipment and systems
  • Control and monitoring of plant and processes
  • Procedures for breakdowns and maintenance

Haz-Elec offers a turnkey solution for all of your electrical requirements in a hazardous environment, be it mining, fuel, gas, industrial or other. From appropriate equipment and plant selection, to installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance, Haz-Elec will deliver proficient, professional service.

Electrical Services: Commercial+

Haz-Elec’s team of over 20 qualified, professional electricians provide the complete range of commercial electrical services for clients across Cairns, Queensland and Australia. Our team has experience in all facets of commercial electrical work, from office blocks to shopping centres, airports to hotels, resorts, body corporates and more. Specific skills and abilities include:

  • Installation of new applications, data points and switchboards
  • Shop and office fit-outs, including data cabling
  • Surge protection
  • Working at Height and in Confined Spaces
  • Regular, on-call and emergency maintenance
  • Preparation and implementation of electrical maintenance schedules

Haz-Elec understands the importance of providing fast, effective and professional electrical services, that will keep your business going, minimising disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Haz-Elec’s team of dedicated electricians delivers professional electrical services from the city to the country, including remote mining locations, and everywhere in between. You can expect fast, friendly, safe and professional service, each and every time. For more information contact Haz-Elec today on 1300 988 891 or admin@haz-elec.com.au

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