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JCU – AITHM Powerhouse Fuel Management

The Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) at James Cook University (JCU) has been established. The institute investigates parasites and viruses, train public health and disease control workers, develop diagnostic and surveillance techniques for tropical diseases, and to investigate bioactive compounds with therapeutic potential found in tropical plants and animals.

JCU required high integrity power supply systems for this facility. In conjunction with NQ Petro and KAC Generators, a design and installation was performed to reliably maintain fuel supplies to their stand-by generators.

With redundancy and reliability in mind, Haz-Elec designed and developed a control system that provides everything from manual to fully automated control of system. The controller, developed by Haz-Elec, provides a comprehensive listing of alarms and alerts to troubleshoot any faults, advise any abnormal conditions, and logs every event to provide comprehensive diagnostics of system performance and demand.

Despite the relative simplicity of the refuelling systems, Haz-Elec can apply these technologies to any scale of automation application, including off site monitoring and technical support.

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