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Lady Loretta Mine – Power Station Refueling Facility

The Lady Loretta mine is an underground mine located 140 kilometres north west of Mount Isa in Queensland. Mine construction commenced in July 2011 with ore production of around 1.2 million tonnes commencing mid-2012.

Owned by Glencore, one of the world’s largest natural resource companies, the ore from Lady Loretta is higher grade zinc than obtained elsewhere. This has improved the zinc quality being taken from the area in concentrate form. Ore mined from the Lady Loretta mine is primary crushed on site before it is trucked to their ore processing complex at Mount Isa.

Haz-Elec was contracted by Glencore in 2014 to provide all changes required to their facility management system for their Power Station upgrade. The scope of works included, but was not limited to: providing the functional specification of the facility management system, performing all programming changes as necessary in their Allen Bradley Contrologix PAC and their process visualisation within their SCADA system based upon Allen Bradley FT View SE platform.

This upgrade primarily facilitated the addition of a standby tank and second refueling circuit to supply a new bank of 2.2MVA generators with all supporting alarms and logged events. Supporting this, numerous functional changes were made to permit simultaneous operation of both tanks, auto-switching of tank and pump duties as well as circulation of fuel throughout the facility.

Haz-Elec’s people and products ensured total compliance with all of the mines process requirements and current best practices with fuel management systems from planning to execution, operation and commissioning.

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