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Haz-Elec Industries – Manufacture and Fabrication Services

Haz-Elec specialise in the manufacture and fabrication of a range of electrical and mechanical components, suiting industry clients in city and country locations. Our people, products and processes are tailored to deliver you results, quickly and safely.

Our business began providing specialist hazardous area services, specifically to the fuel and gas industry. To meet client demand, we expanded to include the manufacture, installation and repair of tanks, piping, valves and gauges specifically for:

  • Mine Sites
  • Fuel Farms, Terminals and Depots
  • Airport Refuelling Systems
  • Service Stations
  • Gas Depots
  • Cement Delivery and Storage
  • Molasses Storage
  • Truck and Trailer mounted Tank and Pumping systems

We use our expertise to deliver you customised solutions. Our fabrication can be pre built and supplied to site for installation, or manufactured onsite to facilitate more complicated projects.

Manufacture and Fabrication Services: Individual Elements + Complete Systems and Turnkey Solutions

  • Manufacture, installation and maintenance of piping and associated flanges, mounts and brackets to facilitate the changes or adjustments required to piping in the delivery of fuel
  • Pipe thickness testing
  • Removal and installation of Pumpsets and Motor Coupling Systems
  • General fabrication of equipment for industry

Haz-Elec works in city and country locations, specialising in remote works. Our team and products have contributed to sites and projects around Australia in the last 12 months. Our comprehensive understanding of the processes required to supply fuel and gas, to and from storage facilities, enables us to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and location.

Remote works are a Haz-Elec specialty. Movement of tradespeople, equipment and plant to the right place at the right time, and getting the job done safely and efficiently, is where we see our strengths. Local or remote installations are treated with the same detailed planning. Urgent requirements can provide a challenge, but with good communication we feel they can always be carried out in a professional and efficient manner.

Haz-Elec uses qualified, experienced tradespeople to deliver a seamless and accurate service. For more information please contact us on 1300 988 891 or admin@haz-elec.com.au

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