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HazElec / Energy & Power Systems

HazElec are continually expanding their services, products and expertise to meet the growing demand and expansion of our customers and their activities. In 2017, we launched our Energy & Power Support division.

This new division means that HazElec now offers a complete solution to your power back up and support infrastructure, by professionally assessing the existing system and designing options which meet both the expectations and budgets of our customers.

Our technicians are industry trained to specify, install and commission a power backup and support system and equipment to meet our customers’ expectations. We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of Power Support equipment, to offer the highest quality solutions possible to our customers. From single phase commercial applications to three phase industrial applications and all ancillary equipment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)+

Power Back Up and Support Systems are critical to ensuring those vital elements of business and industry are kept energised and protected, from the myriad of issues facing life in the tropical regions. Black outs, brown outs, surges, dips, spikes and sags are all conditions which can affect electrical appliances through their circuitry. Sometimes these effects are catastrophic, and the appliance fails.

Protection of your critical applications requires a deep understanding of the risks of power failure and fluctuations and how to mitigate against that risk. Sometimes the solution is as simple as the installation of an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to your application, whether it be a data centre, security surveillance system, desktop computer, switch controller on a conveyor belt, point of sale terminal or whatever application deemed critical to your operation.

Downtime through outages contributes greatly to the cost of business through the lack of productivity and data loss. Data loss can be devastating. An expertly deigned power backup and support system can reduce or eliminate those unforeseen costs.

Power Support Systems and Maintenance+

Regular maintenance of power support systems is essential to ensure that investment will perform when its required. At HazElec we offer a range scheduled/programmed services including battery replacement and testing, thermal imagery, simulated power failures and performance assessments to our customers.

HazElec prioritises safety, quality, the environment and customer satisfaction across all areas of operation. Professionalism, expertise and efficiency are hallmarks of our services, which sees us working with major national and international companies, government agencies, as well as local business and industry clients.

HazElec understands today’s business and industry and its reliance on clean continuous power especially to its critical applications. We are remote site professionals, ready and able to deliver the complete spectrum of service at our office or yours, wherever that may be.

For more information on our Critical Power Supply and Back-Up solutions, contact HazElec on 1300 988 891 or power@hazelec.com.au

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