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HazElec / Strength in Capability

HazElec Industries Pty Ltd (HazElec) specialise in providing electrical, engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration, critical power supply, electric motor sales, support and services to clients across Cairns, Townsville, Queensland and Australia.

Hazardous Area work is a specialty and indeed the company was incorporated in 2009 to supply specialist electrical services to the fuel and gas industries. Since then, HazElec has expanded its deliverables, personnel and client base to meet increasing demand.

Company Profile

HazElec is a young and vibrant company with a team of specialist electrical, mechanical and technical personnel, products and services catering to clients around Australia... more info

Service Solutions

Electrical, mechanical, technical, cooling and critical power services to clients and industries across Queensland, Australia. Multi-skilled team committed to exceeding your expectations... more info

Our Team

Highly qualified management team with more than 130 years combined electrical and industry experience, HazElec delivers its portfolio of services to clients across Australia and beyond... more info

Recent Projects

HazElec Industries / Electrical Mechanical Technical Powerful

Today, our team of professional tradespeople are a combination of electrical, mechanical, technical and critical power supply experts. We offer extensive experience and expertise, from a range of industries and applications. We have established relationships with leading suppliers and manufacturers of products and parts to deliver superior results, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

HazElec prioritises safety, quality, the environment and customer satisfaction across all areas of operation. Professionalism, expertise and efficiency are hallmarks of our services, which sees us working with major national and international companies, government agencies, as well as local business and industry clients. We are remote site professionals, ready and able to deliver the complete spectrum of service at our office or yours, wherever that may be.

HazElec is committed to leadership and excellence. Our processes are overseen by our directors and governed by a strict, multifaceted Work Health Safety Security and Environment (WHSSE) system, with appropriate policies and procedures in place. We provide strength in capability, with reliability.

By choosing HazElec you are assured quality work, performed by experienced professionals driven by a strong customer focus. Whether we are installing or maintaining an air conditioning unit in Cairns, or designing, fabricating and installing a fuel management system at the mines or on the Cape, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

For more information on HazElec and how we can help you, please contact us today on 1300 988 891 or admin@hazelec.com.au